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Hello world!

Its Sunday in The Hague, Netherlands in mid June and the weather is crap …. yup …. crap …. the famous free Parkpop is on today and it is going to be a complete wash out …. who would have thought that mid June in Europe, the sun would be non existent….

So – I decided to start a blog because I believe that intrinsically I have something to say, news to impart – I always say “I am a walking piece of usless information especially when it comes to my profession – I don’t profess to be the best writer but I am going to give out easy recipes, news worthy items, tips, ideas etc etc etc

I am closing down my salon in the Statenkwatier and opening up in my home – why do you ask? Have you noticed there is a crisis ….. and the owner didn’t want to sell the property to me, the rent was high, my contract had come to an end …. take your pick but there you have it – I believe that it doesn’t matter where I work, so long as I am still doing the best work I can and my clients don’t particularly care where I work, so long as I am working and not going off to some distant land where I cannot be reached – yes, I heard you all and took note. This means that I will have more time for me and to be able to dedicate time in doing other things – more on that later.

For now – I await Alex – my Gofer – “go for this, go for that” who is going to finish painting my new room, put the floor in etc on a Sunday in Holland …. believe it! He is also my “Radar” – “Rij hier, Rij Daar” which in english means “Drive here, drive there ….. every women needs an Alex and if you are in The Hague area and need a Gofer or a Radar, I will be happy to impart his details to you – he is the absolute best, with integrity, honest and such a nice guy …. nothing is ever a problem for him…. and not expensive either.

Until my next blog, I say adios